Four Christmas Lyrics

Programme Note

The carol Balulalow was published by Scottish poets James, John and Robert Wedderburn in 1567. The text has provided inspiration to many composers, including Peter Warlock and Benjamin Britten. This simple setting for unaccompanied choir, which alternates between a flowing melody and more static chordal textures, in intended as a contribution to this ongoing tradition.

Balulalow was runner-up in Choir and Organ Composition Competition 2014.

Balulalow is published by Cadenza Music in the anthology En Bethlehem.

Year: 2022
Duration: 7′
Instrumentation: SATB

I – At a sprynge-wel under a thorn
II – Byhalde merveyles!
III – Balulalow
IV – Abowt the fyld thei pyped full right