Night and Silence

Programme Note

Night and Silence is a set of nineteen pieces for solo piano. The title, derived originally from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is in this context primarily a reference to Wallace Stevens’ poem ‘Note on Moonlight’, and points to the relationship between the present piece and my orchestral work In Spite of the Mere Objectiveness of Things, whose title comes from the same poem: the serene opening movement was subsequently orchestrated to become the opening of the latter piece. Night and Silence consists of four sections: firstly, eleven very short pieces which each have a duration of a minute or less; secondly, six slightly longer (but still short) movements; thirdly, an extended set of variations that run without a break; and, finally, a single short movement which acts as a coda to the whole cycle.

Year: 2017
Duration: 30′
Instrumentation: Piano


31st January 2019
Elizabeth Rossiter
St. David’s Room, King’s College London (Premiere of complete version)

18th October 2017
Rob Keeley
Great Hall, King’s College London (extracts)

10th February 2017
Rob Keeley
St David’s Room, King’s College London (extracts)

1st February 2016
Elizabeth Rossiter
St. Lawrence Jewry (extracts)

6th July 2013
Julia Samojło
LSO St. Lukes (extracts)