Scenes for String Quartet

Programme Note

Scenes for String Quartet started out life as a series of fragments written as incidental music for Shakespeare’s Henry VI plays when I was a fellow at Tanglewood Music Center in 2016. Over the following two years I gradually reshaped those explicitly programmatic miniatures into the present set of seven movements. As can be inferred from their titles, the movements became more abstract than their original conception, with a symmetrical structure of two Lullabies and two Scherzos intercut with a Prelude, an Interlude and a Postlude. I hope, however, that the music retains a quality of vivid storytelling and scene painting.


28th January 2018
London Chamber Orchestra
The Octagon, Queen Mary University of London

Year: 2018
Duration: 20′
Instrumentation: String Quartet

I – Prelude
II – Lullaby 1
III – Scherzo 1
IV – Interlude
V – Scherzo 2
VI – Lullaby 2
VII – Postlude