Aedh's Lovesong

Programme Note

Aedh’s Lovesong is a setting of six poems from W. B. Yeats’ collection The Wind Among the Reeds, first published in 1899. All of the poems in Aedh’s Lovesong are narrated by the character Aedh, a romantic figure described by Yeats as ‘the myrrh and frankincense that the imagination offers continually before all that it loves’. The cycle opens with often rapturous outpourings of emotion, contrasting the beauty of the beloved with the imperfections of the world. The mood gradually darkens, however, and the piece ends on a melancholy note; the beloved is now the ‘lost love’, whom Aedh will be unable to forget ‘Till all the valleys of the world have been withered away.’



18th August 2021
Sylvie Gallant (Soprano), Elizabeth Rossiter (Piano)
Release of recording on YouTube

Year: 2019
Duration: 13′
Instrumentation: Mezzo-Soprano, Piano

1 – Aedh Tells of the Perfect Beauty
2 – Aedh Tells of the Rose in his Heart
3 – Aedh Gives his Beloved Certain Rhymes
4 – Aedh Thinks of Those who Have Spoken Evil of his Beloved
5 – A Poet to his Beloved
6 – Aedh Tells of a Valley Full of Lovers