In the Olden Style

Programme Note

The title of In the Olden Style is a reference to Grieg’s Holberg Suite, the full title of which is From Holberg’s Time – Suite in the Olden Style. Like the Grieg, In the Olden Style takes musical genres from the past and reinterprets them in a contemprary style, although it is at a stylistically far greater remove from the original genres than is the case in the Holberg Suite. It is in three movements: ‘Musette’, ‘Antiphon’ and ‘Alla Turca’. ‘Musette’ is harmonically extremely static, and refers to 18th-century depictions of the countryside, but in its dissonance and fast melodic motion takes the material in a quite different direction. ‘Antiphon’ looks further back in time to the Renaissance, and specifically to the cori spezzati (separated choirs) of Venetian composers such as Giovanni Gabrieli. The movement imitates this spatial separation by alternating between two highly contrasting types of music. ‘Alla Turca’ refers to 18th-and early 19th-century depictions of Ottoman military bands, and, in its deliberately faux-exoticism, provides a light-hearted conclusion to the piece.

Year: 2013
Duration: 6′
Instrumentation: Wind Quintet
Commission: Written for Domaine Forget New Music Session 2013.


16th November 2018
Gavin Morrison (Flute), Catherine Pluygers (Oboe), Phil Edwards (Clarinet) Henryk Sienkiewicz (Horn), Glyn Williams (Bassoon)
Regent Hall, Oxford Street, London

19th August 2013
Nouvel Ensemble Moderne
Salle François-Bernier, Quebec