Piano Concerto

Programme Note

My Piano Concerto consists of six contrasting movements which run without a break, and explores different relationships between the soloist and the ensemble. In the first movement, almost all of the musical material appears in the ensemble, while the piano is removed from this discourse and simply plays a single chord repeatedly. A similar relationship is established in the third movement, with the piano interjecting in various ways but rarely taking centre stage. Meanwhile, in the second and fourth movements the piano and ensemble come together and interact much more closely. Finally, in the last two movements the piano assumes a more conventionally soloistic role: the fifth movement, a homage to Scriabin, is a solo cadenza, and is followed by a fast finale characterised by virtuosic piano figuration.

Year: 2016
Duration: 30′
Instrumentation: Piano, Ensemble (1(=picc).1.1(=bcl).1 – – perc(1): mar/vib/tri – hp –


12th February 2017
Julia Samojło, NOSPR New Music Orchestra, Szymon Bywalec
Chamber Music Hall, NOSPR, Katowice, Poland